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The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Hair

We already know that what you eat will impact the the shape of your body but also the condition of your skin. What you may not know is it can also impact your hair as well? Poor diets will contribute to hair loss, thinning of your hair and even the overall health of your hair.


With the fast food frenzy underway and crash diets being the norm these days, its no wonder that we see more and more people dealing with this issue at a younger age. Mainly due in part to the decline in our overall diet and the desire to lose weight on a crash diet or extreme diet.

There are however many steps you can take to properly feed and grow your hair.

Let’s start with breakfast, breakfast is truly the best way to start your day. After all you are “breaking Fast” from a full night of slumber and no food. Your breakfast should not be made up of sugary, carbohydrate based foods but rather it should consist of proteins, healthy yummy proteins. For those who just can’t face the thought of having meat in the morning, not too worry. There are other alternatives to meat, such as a protein smoothie with whey protein. You can even add fiber to your smoothie for a filling breakfast. Now you are off to a great start! This not only gives your body needed energy but you are also improving the condition of your hair.

Diet and Hair Loss

Remember to always balance out the things you take in. Remember what your parents and parents before them always said…”all things in moderation”. Be sure to include all of the food groups during the course of your day. These include the right balance of healthy fats like avocado, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins from natural not processed foods.

Remember to make protein a priority in your daily diet. It is a necessary building block for your body and very good for your hairs health. If you are already experiencing hair loss, then a good diet for you will include good amounts of protein since it’s known to be a good stimulant for hair growth.

Your hair in many ways is like a plant. It thrives when it is fed the right foods. Have you ever seen a plant that is in need of water? It’s limp and looks rather weak. When you give it some water it will come alive. So does your hair in the same way. Make sure you drink plenty of water, for overall health and for the health of your hair in particular. Water is a crucial part of a diet for proper hair care.  If you are noticing hair loss, thinning of your hair or are concerned about the amount of hair you are shedding, then contact us today.

Hair Growth Cycle